Our Green Cleaning Commitment

Have you ever asked yourself  "How do I know if a product is truly natural and safe"? Well, we wondered the same, and in order to find that answer we did a lot of research and further trial and error to find the products that actually work. We spent months trying to find what we feel are the best products on the market. After all of this, we discovered a local Ottawa company called Dustbane. Yes, like that sweeping compound you may be familiar with - they make a whole lot more than just that organic compound. Not only are they our neighbours here in Ottawa, but they also happen have the largest selection of EcoLogo Certified products on the market, who knew?  It was a no brainer that we partner up with Dustbane, and our clients and staff have been extremely happy with their performance. 

Dustbane has created a simple way to explain what the EcoLogo Certification forbids in its products. Learn more about them here;  https://www.dustbane.ca/

Also, have a look at the EcoLogo website here; https://www.ul.com/resources/ecologo-certification-program






















Are the vacuums also special?

Not only are we committed to keeping your family safe of harmful toxins in our cleaning products, but we also use Dustbane vacuums that have a custom order HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter. These filters are the best on the market and they help us relieve your home of allergens, pollen, pet dander and dust that a typical vacuum simply cannot. This makes our services especially helpful for people who suffer from allergies and asthma. 

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