We can all agree that our home is a comfortable place where we live our lives. We take great pride in entertaining our friends and family. We eat, sleep, and play, but most importantly it's a tranquil place that we can go to kick-back and relax after a long day at work.


Imagine coming home after work to find your home is absolutely gleaming. The beds are starch and pulled tight with perfect hospital corners, the bathrooms are spotless with fresh towels and the toilet paper is folded into a perfect triangle. The kitchen stainless steel appliances are shinning like the day you brought them home. The baseboards are crisp white and dust free, the hardwood floors are immaculate with no hazy residue. Seems impossible doesn't it?


Well, it isn't, at Crawford Cleaning Services, making your home gleam is our specialty, and we do it all using only green  EcoLogo Certified cleaning products

Ottawa Home Cleaning


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What to expect from Crawford Cleaning Services

We are committed to providing the best home cleaning service without exposing your home to anything harmful or toxic. Learn about EcoLogo. 

We provide all natural products and equipment required for the job. 

Your satisfaction is guaranteed

We've set high standards of cleanliness and rely on our signature 50 point checklist to keep everyone in check. 

All of our cleanings are fully bonded and insured. 

We're locally owned and operated. 


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